Mr. Mainville refers to his self as a “Transplanted New Yorker“. Originally from Albany, New York; Mr. Mainville now lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Meet L.J. Mainville Jr.

Leo J. Mainville Jr. has written two books based on his life. The first book, “Stitch in Time” is a book written about his life growing up in a small suburb of Albany, New York. The story takes place through the eyes of our protagonist, Stitch LeRue who returns to the apartment buiding where he grew up and relives his youth through his memories.

In his second book, “Stitch in Time: A Sailor’s Story” we once again meet Stitch LeRue; however, he is in a coma and reliving his younger days through dreams and memores brought about by his shipmates. Written in Mainville’s traditional style, L.J. brings us two stories of friendship and camaraderie. The first set nearly forty years ago as young men travel the world and discover themselves. The second when all these men come together upon learning their brother-in-arms has suffered serious injuries.

Mr. Mainville enjoys writing; but hates waiting for the finished product to be printed. Therefore, he’s created this page where he can write and publish directly to the web for all to read. Be sure to visit his blogs page. However, if holding a book in your hands is something you would enjoy, feel free to purchase on of his books directly from the author and he’ll sign it before sending it out to you.

Aside from his blogs and editorial writings, Mr. Mainville is also creating his online work “ASUNDER”. A fictionalized future of America as a divided country. Be sure to look for this as it will be an ongoing series (coming soon)

In this dystopic fantasy, America has literally been split in half by the political views of the American people. Each chapter is an anthology based series that will have you wondering, “are we really headed in this direction?