About the Author

Leo J. Mainville Jr., a.k.a. Stitch Mainville is a self-published author of two novels.
sku-000274441Stitch in Time – A Semi-Autobiographical story about a young boy growing up in a small town in upstate New York. Th13323791_1150160695029183_2998167004996361815_oe story is dated to the late 70’s and early 80’s and has a way to take you back to a time of innocence and (in Stitch’s case) a time of awkwardness.

Stitch in Time: A Sailor’s Story. – is a continuation of the first book, Stitch in Time  where we find our protagonist, Stitch LeRue, in the United States Navy as we follow along on his first overseas voyage to exotic ports. This story isn’t for the timid, as his stories of drinking and debauchery are graphically detailed. However, it’s not just a story of drunken sailors, we also find a backstory of friendship, brotherhood and comradeship that goes well beyond loyalty.

Leo is currently working on his third novel and it will finalize the Stitch in Time trilogy. We hope that you, and everyone is anticipating the release of this book. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take seven  years to complete! LOL!

However – Continually writing the on the same story tends to cause writer’s block for Leo, so he likes to open his blog and flush out all the junk and crap that seems to clogging up his creative thinking. These blogs will range anywhere from Political views to Psychotic Breaks in judgement! But seriously – there is no specific theme of this blog, it is just an eclectic collection of his thoughts. (as if you weren’t already scared!)

Leo currently lives in a small suburb just outside Pittsburgh, PA with his wife, Nadine and their SharPei – Pug mix, Penny.

Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Great stories!
    I tried to stay away from the opinion articles because I’ve found I don’t always share the same opinion as others and it tends to get under my skin if its something I don’t agree with.


    • Thanks, Penny.
      I can understand what you’re talking about. I feel the same exact way whenever I open the NY Times or Huffington Post. Rather than sharing NEWS they tend to share “Writer’s Opinion”. Quite frustrating.


  2. When it comes to your articles, I sometimes forget that I’m reading a blog. You should really try getting into journalism as I think you would do well.


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